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Custom "Little You" Doll Reservation for January

$350.00 USD


I will be contacting you through email within 24 hours after purchasing, please double check that your email is correct as this is how we will communicate in regards to what you'd like your doll to look like. The following will be discussed through email :

*This is a fully customizable product. The doll will be made to resemble yourself, or whoever you're buying it for. Please note, the doll is meant to be a representation of yourself, the actual physical features will not be EXACT to life- but details like skin tone, lip color, nose shape, eyebrow shape/color, hair color, and hair style will all be tailored to resemble your own.

*Each outfit is entirely hand made. You will be able to choose what outfit you would like me to create for your doll. You may use reference pictures of yourself in an outfit you love, or send pictures of outfit inspo. I will try my very best to create an outfit that matches your vision. The price of your doll may be subject to increase if a more intricate/ challenging outfit is requested- or one that requires more expensive fabric than standard. The price of your doll is also subject to increase if any extra details are requested on the doll such as tattoos and piercings.

*You may choose your doll style, the one pictured here has fully sculpted legs. The arms are posable. If you prefer a more traditional, Coraline doll look with the stuffed legs- I can make that happen :)


*Please note that I will be collecting the shipping cost once the doll is complete, and I wont ship the doll out until you have paid the shipping fee.

*Be aware that if you are ordering from OUTSIDE of the US, shipping can be anywhere from $25-$55 USD.

*Only 5 spots available. All dolls will be finished and shipped by February 1st - 7th. Orders that require more details/ complex outfits will take longer.

NO REFUNDS will be given after purchasing a custom spot should you decide you don't want the doll before, or after I finish it.

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